One Stop Solution for the Largest Telecommunication Company in Bangladesh

      MyGP Mobile Apps powered by a rhobust Middleware

      Grameenphone users account for 74+ million subscribers making it the largest Telco in Bangladesh. The subsidiary of Telenor Group was looking to increase customer satisfaction and achieve higher efficiency through digital transformation.
      In 2015, we set out on a journey with Grameenphone (GP) to create a mobile application which would serve as a chaperone for users in the telecom ecosystem. Gone are the days of browsing USSD menus or entering confusing codes to manage telecom accounts!
      MyGP quickly became one of the most used mobile apps in Bangladesh and provides a unique one-stop solution for customers to access and manage all GP services.

      • 30+ Million App Users

      • One Stop Solution for All GP Services

      • Connected to 100s of Back Ends

      The Magic of MyGP

      The MyGP platform is a digital breakthrough for the telecom sector in Bangladesh which has reduced dependency on physical kiosks and made way for more meaningful digital interaction. The platform aims to go beyond a telecom account management app by becoming a trusted companion aiming to enrich users' daily lives by adding value in multiple ways. 
      MyGP has over 10 Million installs and has become a digital destination for offers, rewards news, entertainment and much more. The platform caters to thousands of concurrent users and consists of a mobile app which connects through a middleware to the GP backend systems. 



      The right plan for everyone!
      One of the most popular features lets users design their own bundles with their required Internet Balance, Minutes, SMS and validity. The interactive platform shows available discounts and savings in realtime!


      Points Platform

      Get rewarded for your actions!
      Users earn GP Points by making purchases or referring MyGP to their friends. These points can be used right on the app to redeem data packs, talk time and more!


      Live TV and Sports

      Never miss the game again!
      Access a large variety of live and curated entertainment programs through Bioscope. The picture-in-picture feature lets users to browse through their phones while watching content. 


      Refer and Earn

      Share the Magic!
      A fun gamification platform for users to earn points by inviting their friends to download the app. There are multiple tiers to upgrade to earn more more points by sending more invites!


      Guest Mode

      Not a GP user? No problem!
      Anyone can browse the MyGP app in guest mode and view what the app has to offer. It allows users to interact with features and get a taste of many non telecom features.


      Multiple Account Linking

      One app to manage them all!
      Unlock the experience of MyGP remotely, manage up to 5 phone numbers from a single MyGP App. Easily add balance, purchase data packs and much more for friends or family.


      Emergency Balance Loan

      Out of balance? MyGP has your back!
      When users are out of balance, the app lets them take a balance loan. The app even suggests data packs for users to access the internet in emergency situations.


      Other Features

      ● Prepaid and Postpaid     Account Managment● Balance reharge● Multi Language● Transfer Balance To     Others● Mange Value Added    Services ● Loyalty Rewards Platform

      Middleware PlatformThe Guardian of the Gateway

      The MyGP Platform is tied together by a Middleware platform which connects to GP's API Gateway.
      The Middleware or Back for Frontend processes each request from the App intelligently. It ensures that the backend systems aren't overwhelmed by too many request reaching them at the same time.
      The platform also uses various caching and routing mechanisms to ensure that the app is always blazing fast.


      Content Management SystemContent is King

      The web based CMS is built to make life easy for the teams managing the platform.
      Built-in reporting and monitoring tools ensures systems are running smoothly through automation and sends alerts if attention is required. 
      The CMS works with the app in realtime to keep content and features up to date to suit customers needs. The App, features and content can also be disabled remotely to meet regulatory needs.

      Our goal is to help clients make full use of technology that can heighten brand awareness and lead to better business.


      Mobile Applications

      Available on iOS and Android, the app is made to cater to any smartphone screen size. 
      Packed with tons of features but each user journey is designed with simplicity in mind. The clean UI takes a decluttered approach to create journeys that are easy navigate for any user level. 
      Usable in English or Bengali the app maintains a complact download size to cater to even the most data sensitive users! 

      Some Videos

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      MyGP Version 2.0 Launch

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