Bringing E-Commerce to Rural Bangladesh

      How a team at GraameenPhone aims to change the way people shop around the country.


      Bangladesh's rapid rise in smartphone penetration lead the way for a bustling E-Commerce space in the country. E-Commerce sales were sales were on the rise but trends showed that most orders were placed from users in urban centres who account for only 36% of the country's population of 180 Million. The Shoparu team at GrameenPhone decided they wanted to make a change and bring the ease and convenience of E-Commerce to those living in rural Bangladesh. In 2016, we set on journey with the team to create a full-solution E-commerce marketplace -- 
      Some of the main hurdles faced in bringing ecommerce to the villages was the lack of last mile delivery providers, limited payment options, unfamiliarity with the concept. The Shoparu team overcame all of these hurdles by using GP Centres all over the country as order and delivery centres. Customers would be able to physically walk into a GP Center, browse shoparu's extensive product catalog, place their order, pay in cash and pick up their orders from the same location and just like that the assisted E-Commerce revolution in Bangladesh began!

      How Change Is Made

      The Shoparu Platform had to go beyond the bounds of a typical eCommerce platform in order to cater to the unique demands of hosting multiple suppliers and delivery partners while catering to both B2B and B2C customers. The website carries both physical and digital goods which customers from around the country can order from either digital devices or from a physical outlet. 

      eCommerce Consultancy

      End to end consulting to develop a multi seller e-commerce model which focuses on inclusivity and scalability.

      Responsive Website Development

      Our developers created a bespoke responsive website which can be used on comfortably on screens of any size. 

      Highly Customizable CMS Development

      Designed to handle multiple suppliers and delivery partners. It has built in panels for handling different user types while keeping it easy to navigate for all user types.

      Loyalty Platform Development

      Online 24/7 Monitoring and SLA

      Our operations team monitors the platform around the clock to ensure that all systems are healthily and able to handle the load of traffic.  The platform is continually being updated and developed through a year round SLA.

      Online Payments

      The site incorporates PortWallet, our in-house payment gateway platform to collect blazing fast payments, offer EMI payment plans and much more.

      How Change is Driven

      Designed to be used by users of all experience level the responsive website is easy to navigate on any device. The homepage creates the ambiance of a traditional physical marketplace where shoppers are presented with new and popular products and categories. This engagement strategy ensures that shoppers are informed about various offers that may pique their interest. The platform is built to cater to the sale of both physical and digital goods, shoppers can purchase products ranging from daily necessities and cosmetics to electronics and vacation packages.  The checkout process has been made simple and intuitive for first time users to reduce shopping cart abandonment and ensure higher conversion rates. 

      Built with the purpose of serving populations outside urban areas,
      assisted eCommerce which takes place through 80+ Grameenphone Centres and numerous convenience stores around Bangladesh. Businesses can enlist themselves as order centres for Shoparu and start generating extra revenue!
      Shoppers can walk into any Shoparu Express Store, browse through catalogs on tablets, place orders, pay in for their orders at the physical location and have the order delivered to the Express Store.
      The Express Panel makes it easy for shopkeepers to place orders, avail offers, view commissions on products and view transaction history 

      Made to handle bulk product ordering for businesses, the system lets sellers set slab based pricing to offer discounts on large orders. Businesses can enrol in the B2B program by submitting a simple form to verify their identity. Once enrolled they enjoy discounts on all kinds of business supplies and goods. Catered towards helping businesses all sizes from SMEs to large corporations to cut costs!

      Each delivery partner is provided with their own panel to keep track of orders which they are meant to deliver. There are two separate lists:Pick Up List: Delivery orders which are pending pick up up from suppliers Customer Delivery List: Orders which have been picked up from suppliers and are pending delivery to the end customer. Each order can be tracked from order placement all the way through to delivery using a designated delivery ID which is tagged to all relevant order information including product and customer details. 

      Sellers on Shoparu can keep track of their transactions and performance through their own Seller Panel. The panel includes a Dashboard offers graphic interpretations of sales performance data which allows them to compare month on month sales to evaluate their performance over time. It allows the to view their overall performance or data for individual products.

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