Portonics Loyalty Platform

      All-in-one Online and Offline Loyalty Platform


      The Portonics Loyalty Platform is a holistic customer loyalty solution for any retailer. The custom made platform can be adapted to suit the needs of any industry. The Omni Channel Middleware relays customer loyalty related information back and forth between physical and virtual Points of Sale in real time. 


      • Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention 

        A generous loyalty program can ensure customer loyalty and retention. Loyalty programs increase engagement and customer lifetime value. 

      • Keep track of all transactions

        Monitor real-time transaction data from all points of sale in a single panel. Transaction monitoring access can only be given to selected team members. 

      • Segment Users Based on Purchase Behaviour

        The system can be used to create segments based on customer behaviour such as shopping trends, location preferences etc.

      • Point Factor system

        Tailor made point earning factors can be set based on tier level, customer type and a number of other metrics to match business requirements. 

      • Fully Customizable Loyalty Points Program

        The system allows uli mtate flexibility for retailers to design Loyalty Programs according to their business needs. Points can be awarded based on a number of metrics.

      • Admin Panel

        We empower retail teams to manage and monitor their loyalty platforms through our easy to use admin panel which unlocks the true potential of the platform.

      • Point based Incentive Programs

        Multiplier programs based on customer tier, amount spent etc. Point allocation based on conditions such as sign-up.

      • Promotion Campaign 

        Increase sales by creating promotion campaigns to incentivize customers. Use the platform to create and manage promotions for any occasion!

      • Tier based loyalty incentive program

        Parameters can be set to create tailor made incentive programs for any individual, group or event.

      • Reports


        Easily generate reports right from the admin panel based on a number of different metrics. Any management team would be thrilled to use this system!